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At Entrecreator Media, our mission is two fold. First, it’s to help creators partner with brands they know, like, and trust. And second, it’s to help brands plan and execute campaigns with creators who reach their target audiences.

Creators We Work With

About Entrecreator Media

From YouTubers to podcasters, Entrecreator Media helps brands partner with creators of all kinds, both big and small. Its goal is to make the process of running marketing and advertising campaigns with creators as seamless as possible.

Jon Santiago is the founder of Entrecreator Media. In 2007, he started his career working in content, with stints covering the NBA with the Sacramento Kings and news in Northern California with iHeartMedia. In the mid 2010s, He transitioned into marketing, managing digital media campaigns for venues at global hospitality brands like MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment.

Entrecreator’s Jon Santiago


  • Brand/Creator Management and Negotiations
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Media Planning
  • Content Ideation and Creation
  • Reporting and Analytics

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